WCA Technology Research Memo 1: ESRI Story Maps

To assist in the development of the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas, we are undertaking a project to research the web mapping technologies that are of potential usefulness to coastal atlas developers, and further develop sets of best practices for their use of interactive web mapping technology. A pilot evaluation was conducted using ESRI’s Story Maps framework, which is of interest as a platform for developing a narrative map to describe the impact of Sea Grant programs on communities in Wisconsin. This report may undergo future editing, and we hope to add new reports on different technologies throughout the summer.

TYPE: Framework


REFERENCE MAP SUPPORT: Toggle Map Type (1), Custom Vectors (2)

THEMATIC MAP ISOMORPHS: Choropleth (1), Proportional Symbol (1), Isoline/Surface (1), Flow (1), Animation (1), Dot Density (3), Graph/Chart (3)

CARTOGRAPHIC INTERACTIONS: Arrange/Linked Views (1), Sequence/Animate (1), Resymbolize (1), Overlay/Toggle Layers (1), Pan (1), Zoom (1), Filter (2), Search (2), Retrieve (1),

OTHER ISSUES: Currently in beta, with little developed support for web application templates. Although ESRI products, built in JavaScript with minified library files, so open-source, and the “Story Maps” term is not copyrighted.

WEBSITE: http://storymaps.esri.com/wordpress

DOCUMENTATION: http://storymaps.esri.com/downloads/Building%20Story%20Maps.pdf

OTHER RESOURCES: White paper, “Telling Stories with Maps,” http://storymaps.esri.com/downloads/Telling%20Stories%20with%20Maps.pdf

EXAMPLES: Links in Gallery on the home page.

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